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Cultural differences.

Last month we travelled to Morocco with some friends for a holiday. Morocco is so close and yet so different. We were met in Tanger by our guide, Abdel, and it is Abdel who has inspired me to write this article

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Bird flu how much should we worry?

Quite often I have been asked if I am worried about the bird flu. I have mostly answered that, no, I do not worry, giving the reason that there is little I, on my own, can do at this moment.

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Blood pressure / hypertension.

Last month I visited Norway and talked to a nurse friend who told me that she had started HRT (hormone replacement treatment).

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Self-asteem: Feel good about yourself

Some people think that self-esteem means confidence - and of course confidence comes into it - but it's much more than that.

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Hangovers: How to deal with them

When we go out in the evening for ”one” drink, we all know that one may become many. If we plan ahead, the next morning can be a little better.

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Keep fit! Here's how.

We don't have to go to a gym to achieve raised heart rate and shortness of breath. The main thing is to change our attitudes and make exercising as important as family and friends.

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Recent articles:

Why stop smoking?
We all know that smoking is dangerous to our health, but do you know how dangerous? Every cigarette can shorten your life by 14 minutes.

Intuition: Can we trust it?
It might be true that women are better than men at using their intuition, but I believe that everybody can learn to use and trust their intuitive skills.

Sleep and sleeplessness
The reason we think we need less sleep as we grow older, is very often because we take little naps during the day, and therefore need less sleep during the night.

Avoid the sunburn!
Remember that sunscreens only protect the skin from getting burnt. They do not block out the harmful rays that can cause skin cancer.

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