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about me
Not everybody knows what they want to do for a living when they are very young. I had to become 35 years old before I finally realized that I wanted to become a nurse. I spent the time before that bringing up children and I also lived many years abroad, mostly in the Far East and the Middle East. But after I started nursing school, I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I never get tired of doing what I got educated to do.


1992 - Graduated Nursing school at Ulleval University Hospital of Oslo
1995 - Graduated as reflexologist
1997 - Graduated as specialist in psychiatric nursing


My first job after graduation in 1992 was in the oncology ward of Ulleval University Hospital, and there I stayed employed until 2004 after I had decided to work part time in Oslo and part time in Spain.

Working with cancer patients was very challenging. The ward had 28 beds when I started, and we treated most kinds of cancer. We treated patients with chemotherapy, radiation, hormones...
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My grandparents built a house in Spain in 1960s and I visited them first time 1968. Since then I have been back many times, and when I wanted to take a sabbatical three years ago, it was not difficult to decide where to do it.
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Registered nurse Specialist in psychiatric nursing

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